77 illegal migrants rescued by Turkish coast guards | News

April 13, 2023

On Wednesday, as per an official statement, the Turkish coast guard effectively rescued a total of 77 illegal migrants off the western Aegean coast.


At Least 3 Killed, 213 People Injured in New Quakes in Türkiye

The statement reports that the group of unauthorized individuals discovered on a rubber vessel off the shore of Ayvacik district, located within the Canakkale Province, have been transferred to the custody of local officials in Ayvacik with the intention of initiating deportation proceedings.

The Aegean Sea was previously a principal passage utilized by unauthorized migrants attempting to gain entry into Europe via Turkey.

This trend subsided after a bilateral agreement was reached in March 2016 between Turkey and the European Union aimed at reducing the influx of illegal migrants.

Türkiye, boasting a population exceeding 85 million, is a pivotal sanctuary for displaced individuals and is presently accommodating over 4 million refugees on its territory.

A portion of individuals who migrate to Turkey do so in search of sanctuary from the violence that plagues its neighboring regions, whereas others intend to engage in unauthorized immigration endeavors towards Europe.

The deteriorating global economic climate has posed a challenge to Turkey’s capacity to provide for the influx of refugees, necessitating the implementation of stricter border control measures and an increased incidence of deportations.

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