Alberta, Canada, Continues to Experience Severe Wildfires

May 8, 2023

Almost 30,000 people have been evacuated in the area due to the wave of forest fires that have ravaged this region in the west of the country since the last week.


 Investigation by Alberta’s Ethics Commissioner

Several volunteers have assisted the Canadian provinces to support families who had to evacuate. Also, the Canadian Armed Forces are involved in wildfire coordination efforts. They are currently intensifying their planning, Danielle Smith, Prime Minister of Alberta, said via Twitter.

This atypical situation has caused fire crews to work since last week, after temperatures rose to 25 degrees Celsius and increased the risk caused by fire for many communities.

According to Smith, “Alberta has sent a letter outlining a request for assistance from Public Safety Minister Mike Ellis to Ministers Blair and Mendocino.”

The province of Alberta declared a state of emergency on Saturday after ordering the evacuation of some 25,000 people.

In their fight against the fires, the authorities are concentrating on inhabited areas, such as the city of Dayton Valley, about 140 km west of Edmonton, or Fox Lake, in the north of the province.

Over the past century, Canada has been one of the countries most affected by climate change. The nation contains 270 million hectares, home to half of the country’s bird species. The temperature has risen gradually in recent years in this forested part of the country.

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