Argentina To Aid Vanuatu Archipelago’s Recovery From 2 Cyclones | News

April 7, 2023

On Friday, Argentina’s Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that it will send the “Pyam 33mg”  water-purification tablets, which are locally produced, to the Vanuatu Pacific archipelago, which two powerful cyclones and an earthquake hit in early March.


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The Argentine Chancellor Santiago Cafiero will send the pill shipment to Vanuatu through the national Agency for International Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance (ACIAH).

“With this initiative, we seek to provide humanitarian and health assistance to Vanuatu, whose authorities asked the international community for help after declaring a state of national emergency,” the Foreign Affairs Ministry stated, stressing that the pills will allow Vanuatu to make a million liters of drinking water.

“Argentina’s aid will go to two Vanuatu cities that have suffered the most from natural disasters: Shefa and Tafea. In these territories, a program has been implemented to promote access to drinking water and sanitation,” the Ministry stated.

Vanuatu archipelago has 83 islands with 12,200 square kilometers of land and about 450,000 square kilometers of territorial waters. According to the latest United Nations (UN) reports, this archipelago has the highest world risk of natural disaster occurrence.

In early March, the 4-category Judy cyclone hit southern Vanuatu. This cyclone left much of Port Vila, the country’s capital, without electricity for several days and led to massive displacements of its population towards evacuation centers.

Some days after this, another 4-category cyclone named Kevin passed through the country, and a strong earthquake hit its Holy Spirit Island. Local authorities hope that the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) approve a resolution to give greater priority to fighting climate change, to which small island states are highly vulnerable.

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