Armor Of Russian BTR-80, Tiger Vehicles Improved Based On Experience Gained In UkraineSouth Front

April 7, 2023

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Armor Of Russian BTR-80, Tiger Vehicles Improved Based On Experience Gained In Ukraine

The BTR-82A armored personnel carrier. © Vitaly Nevar/TASS

The armor of vehicles produced at Arzamas Machine-Building Plant has been improved as a result of experience gained during the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on April 6.

The Arzamas-based plant, which is a part of Russia’s Military Industrial Company, produces BTR-80 8×8 armored personnel carriers and Tigr 4×4 multipurpose all-terrain infantry mobility vehicles.

“Representatives of the enterprise’s management reported to Defense Minister [Sergey Shoigu] that the protective capabilities of the armor have been improved with consideration of existing protection requirements, as well as wishes of the servicemen who perform special military operation duties,” the ministry said.

According to the military plant, the new armor can withstand detonation of 2 kg of TNT or a hit with armor-piercing incendiary ammunition.

It also ensures protection of the radiator, the hood and wheels, and provides protection for the crew from small arms fire, shrapnel and mortar shells.

The Russian military operates more than 1,500 vehicles from the BTR-80 family, most of which are from the latest BTR-82A version which is armed with the 2A72 30 mm gun. It also operates more than 2,000 Tigr vehicles, some of which carry Kornet-D anti-tank guided missiles or 9K333 Verba anti-aircraft missiles.

The new armor will increase the survivability of newly-built BTR-80 and Tigr vehicles in the special military operation zone, where Kiev forces use anti-tank weapon.


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