Call for proposals on collaborative research: Workers’ Struggles Against Draconian Laws in Asia Pacific

November 30, 2022

| November 30, 2022

The Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN), a Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) signatory organization to the European Union, is implementing the Action “Building People’s Organizations Capacities to Claim their Rights and Sustainable Development.” The Action primarily aims to build capacities of people’s organizations and member organizations in the area of knowledge-building and information dissemination through people’s research.

That said, considering that draconian laws have been passed in several Asia Pacific countries — Anti-Terror Law in the Philippines; Omnibus Law in Indonesia; Armed Forces Special Powers Act in India; National Security Provisions in Vietnam’s Criminal Code; and the  ongoing military junta in Myanmar, among others. These laws undermine democracy and have legitimized state repression among the people. In particular, the ongoing global economic crisis, along with shrinking civic spaces have greatly afflicted the workers of Asia Pacific. These policies have worsened the working people’s living conditions and security.

With the socio-political crises expected to worsen, there is a growing need to study the implication of draconian laws on the Asia Pacific labor sector. This research will also document the corresponding pushback from workers, communities, and activists. By conducting country-level research on identified nation, APRN will collate the different methods of resistance by people’s organizations, workers, and communities in the region. This collaborative research aims to highlight the different practices of Asia Pacific people’s, especially the workers, against their government’s policies — exposing the violent social realities, raising the discourse, and strengthening opposition.

It is in this light that we are calling organizations, institutions, and grassroots communities to participate in APRN’s collaborative research on repressive policies entitled: WORKERS’ STRUGGLES AGAINST DRACONIAN LAWS IN ASIA PACIFIC.

The tentative timelines for the collaborative research is as follows:

Feb Deadline for the participants’ developed research design, Grant Acceptance form, and detailed Budget Proposal
20 Feb – 23 Feb Commenting, editing, revising period for APRN’s Research Committee
20 Feb – 23 Feb Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing
23 Feb Deadline for the Research Committee to approve research designs
27 Feb – 28 Apr Implementation and conduct of the research
28 Apr Deadline for the first draft of the research
1 May – 26 May Commenting, editing, revising period for the Research Committee
26 May Deadline for the Research Committee’s edits
29 May – 2 June Researcher’s validation and finalization of their study
2 June Deadline for submission of final version of the research

Attached are the pertinent to the activity.

1. Concept paper

2. Registration form (APPLY HERE!)

Please answer the Google form and upload the requested materials to formally register for the collaborative research grant.

Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the APRN Secretariat through the Program Officer for Building Democracy and Claiming Civic Spaces, Vincent Juliano, at [email protected] or WhatsApp number +639457255392.

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