#FreePalestine | Condemn the massacre of the Palestinian people by the US-backed Zionist Israel! Freedom for occupied Palestine!

The International League of Peoples Struggles-Asia and the Pacific (ILPS-AP) sends its strongest condemnation of the bombing of Alhi Arab Hospital last Tuesday, Oct 17, 2023, where the Gaza-based Health Ministry estimates that at least 471 Palestinians were killed, with more than 314 wounded, including 28 in critical condition.

The number adds to thousands of other Palestinians killed, including hundreds of children, by non-stop aerial bombings of Gaza and Occupied Palestinian Territories launched by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). We mourn with the world for the thousands of Palestinian lives lost through the offensive of the occupying force of Israel.

Before the massacre in Alhi Arab Hospital, the IDF airstrikes on Gaza had already killed at least 2,778 people and wounded 9,700, based on the estimates by the Gaza health ministry. More than 60% of those killed were children. The victims of the continued aerial bombardment of IDF in the past week include 20 humanitarian workers from the United Nations (UN), the Red Cross, and the Red Crescent, as reported by the UN inside Gaza.

The ILPS-AP is in chorus with the freedom-loving peoples of the world in demanding an immediate stop to the IDF aerial bombing of Palestine and the other atrocities of the Israeli Zionist state. The League demands an immediate stop to the fascist and genocidal acts of the IDF, the occupying force in Palestine, including the ongoing murders by Israeli illegal settlers in the West Bank. The League calls on its chapters across Asia and the Pacific to conduct protest actions and condemn the war crimes of the IDF and the Zionist colonial rulers of Israel propped by US imperialist intervention and military support.

The League has always stood for the liberation of occupied Palestine from the occupying forces of Israel. We stand with the just cause of the Palestinian people for their liberation from Israeli Zionist fascist occupiers and oppressors.

Stop the aerial bombings of Palestine!
Stop the military offensives and brutal attacks of the Israel Defence Forces against the Palestinian people in Gaza and elsewhere!
Liberation for the Palestinian people from the Israeli Zionist occupiers!
Down with US imperialism!

19 October 2023
ILPS Asia Pacific

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