Russian Penicillin System Uncovered Ukrainian Artillery Positions On Krasny Liman FrontSouth Front

April 15, 2023

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Russian Penicillin System Uncovered Ukrainian Artillery Positions On Krasny Liman Front

The complex of artillery reconnaissance ‘Penicillin’. © Research Institute ‘Vector’

The Russian military’s Battlegroup Center troops have successfully used the Penicillin coustic-thermal artillery-reconnaissance system to locate artillery positions of Kiev forces on the Krasny Liman front, spokesman for the battlegroup Alexander Savchuk told TASS on April 15.

The Penicillin was developed by Russia’s Ruselectronics to detect and locate artillery, mortars, multiple rocket launchers, anti-aircraft or tactical-missile firing positions with seismic and acoustic sensors.

The system does not emit any radio waves which makes it immune to electromagnetic warfare and impossible to detect by radio-technical means. It can locates enemy fire within five seconds at a range of 25 kilometers

“In the course of counter-battery warfare in the Krasny Liman direction, the Penicillin artillery reconnaissance complex of the Battlegroup Center uncovered enemy artillery positions, which were destroyed by gunfire,” Savchuk told the Russian news agency.

The Russian military has been using the Penicillin system to locate the artillery positions of Kiev forces since the start of the special operation in Ukraine more than a year ago.

Last November, a batch of Penicillin systems were handed over to the Russian military. The systems were quickly deployed in the special military operation zone.

Ukraine received more than 800 artillery systems and dozens of counter-battery radars from the United States and other NATO members. Despite this, its forces are still outgunned by the Russian military. Kiev forces have reportedly sustained heavy human and material losses as a result of Russian artillery fire.


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