Ukrainian plane crashes in Russian border region – FSB

April 6, 2023

The Border Guard division of the Federal Security Service (FSB) reported that a light Ukrainian aircraft had experienced a crash in the Bryansk Region of Russia, adjacent to Ukraine.


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The pilot was able to survive the unfortunate occurrence of a crash and subsequently apprehended. The border service did not provide a clarification regarding the military or civilian character of the aircraft in question.

Photographs disseminated on the internet allege to depict the pilot, who ostensibly adorns apparel reminiscent of military attire and a headwear of camouflage baseball style.

The aircraft encountered an unexpected calamity at a vicinity proximate to the village of Butovsk, positioned approximately 25 kilometers from the border as reported by the agency. The reason or factors for the mishap are unknown. The aviator endeavored to retreat to Ukraine, however, was apprehended by a border patrol.

Based on the visual evidence surfacing on the internet, it appears that the aforementioned aircraft, resembling the Ukrainian-manufactured Aeroprakt A-22 Foxbat micro-light aircraft, experienced a forced landing in a nearby unencumbered parcel of land. It has been reported that the pilot was allegedly in possession of a bullet-resistant vest and a compact AK assault rifle, which he purportedly attempted to discard at the location of the accident.

The governor, Aleksandr Bogomaz, reported that Bryansk Region was targeted by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of Ukrainian origin earlier in the day. A remotely-operated aerial vehicle (UAV) released an explosive ordnance in the Suzemsky District of the region adjacent to Ukraine, resulting in the infliction of injuries on at least one individual.

Bryansk, alongside other neighboring Russian regions proximate to Ukraine, have been subject to relentless assault from Kiev’s military forces in the protracted period of belligerence persisting between these two states, spanning more than a year presently. The incursions typically entail cross-border firing of artillery and mortar, in addition to unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) assaults.

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