Wounded – Bulatlat

July 10, 2024



There’s a kid in my house,
She’s around 7 or 8.
She runs around and plays
Every single day.
She acts as if we’re related,
And takes away my mom.
I don’t know why she is here,
And just why does she stay.
So asked her one day
Just why she came.
She said my home was in Gaza
But people took me away,
They took away my toys,
And they clashed around until there was nothing anymore.
They said our place was safe
But they engulfed us in flames,
They took away my parents
Until I had nowhere to stay.
And that’s just when I knew,
Just why they always played,
Just why they hogged my parents,
And never stayed away.
There’s a kid in my house,
But I know what to do.
I’ll keep them safe and protect them,
So the bad will stay away.


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