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April 18, 2023

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Zelensky Came To Avdeevka

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On April 18, Ukrainian President Zelensky reportedly visited the positions of Ukrainian troops in Avdeevka.According to the president’s office, Zelensky went to the front line and presented state awards to the military.

In Avdeevka, Zelensky listened to the report of the commander of the Ukrainian Donetsk operational and tactical group on the situation in the area of his responsibility.

Zelensky’s visit to the front lines took place on the same day when Russian President came to the military headquarters in the Kherson region and the LPR. LINK

The town of Avdeevka is a heavily fortified settlement located on the outskirts of the Donetsk city agglomeration. It id still under control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ukrainian military is shelling civilians in Donetsk and on its outskirts from their military positions in Avdeevka.

The town is surrounded by Russian forces from several directions. The Ukrainian military and political officials have repeatedly stated that the city is close to being surrounded by Russian troops. Ukrainian forces are in control of several roads leading to the town from the west.

The head of the Wagner PMCS, Yevgeny Prigozhin, commented on today’s statements by the President of Ukraine that he visited Avdeevka.

As for the arrival of Vladimir Alexandrovich (Zelensky) in Avdeevka, I can only come to Kiev in response. There is no way we can meet him in Bakhmut. Well done, he rewarded the fighters near Avdeevka. Let him transfer them here in Bakhmut – he will reward them posthumously once again. And so – respect to him…

Earlier, the head of the Wagner PMCs invited Zelensky to visit Bakhmut and let untrained and unprepared young soldiers and mobilized military personnel of pre-retirement age evacuate from the city. However, Ukrainian President decided to fight until the last Ukrainian soldier in Bakhmut, sending more untrained fighters to the grinder.

Earlier, Zelensky visited the city of Bakhmut, before the last road came under Russian fire control. Today, the facilities of the plant, where Ukrainian president awarded his fighters in the basements is under full control of the Wagner PMC. The facilities that Zelensky visits are quickly coming under the control of Russian fighters.

Zelensky’s “brave” trips to hot spots on the front line confirm that he is not the man who rules a war-torn country, but a media figure used to create the necessary media content in support of the war. His life has no value, and in the case of an incident, he can be easily replaced.


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