60 Migrants Successfully Disembarked in Malta After Rescue

April 18, 2023

Approximately sixty migrants were transported to Malta on Monday evening after their rescue from turbulent waters while attempting to cross from Libya to Europe.


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The search and rescue area of Malta witnessed the rescue of two distinct groups of individuals by merchant vessels. After the reporting of the migrants’ distress, the rescue operation was enacted upon the directives of the Maltese governmental authorities.

The aforementioned factions were transported to the southern region of Marsaxlokk by the military forces of Malta.

Following several days spent at sea, the individuals were provided with foil blankets for the purpose of preventing hypothermia. Adverse weather conditions had transpired over the weekend, thereby impeding their expedition by intensifying the velocity of the wind.

Upon their arrival, a considerable number of migratory individuals, a significant portion had no footwear, were promptly escorted to designated Detention Services vehicles. The nationalities of the individuals in question have yet to be determined.

On the 27th of September, the non-governmental organization (NGO) Alarm Phone lodged accusations against the Maltese authorities for their alleged refusal to execute rescue operations despite the unfavorable weather conditions encountered by stranded groups in need.

Subsequently, the non-governmental organization declared that, on the orders of the Maltese authorities, the collective had been successfully retrieved on the succeeding day.

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