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September 19, 2023

The Marti Association of Cuban Residents in Panama (Amcrp) delivered a letter this Monday to Foreign Minister Janaina Tewaney thanking her for rejecting the United States blockade.


Panama: News Measures to Control Illegal Migration

The position of the Canal nation was presented by the diplomat in her speech before the plenary session of the Summit of the heads of State and Government of the Group of 77 and China, held in Havana, on September 15 and 16.

Tweaney praised Cuba’s leadership at the head of the G77, a bloc of developing States, committed and aligned behind the same objective: development and a dignified life for all human beings. In this scenario, she indicated that rulers must focus their public policies on the comprehensive development of their territories and what better equalizer than technology and access to the same opportunities to close inequality gaps in an increasingly complex world.

She pointed out that her country opposes unilateral measures, as she has expressed that in other forums. She reiterated that in the context of the analysis of advances in technology, science and innovation “there is no room for unilateral measures such as the blockade that still affects our Cuban brothers.”

The minister of foreign affairs of Panama stated that her country recognizes that within the G77 it enjoys the support of important allies, “so we must look each other in the eye with confidence and strengthen South-South and triangular cooperation strategies as a vehicle to exchange capabilities in science, technology and innovation”.

In its letter, the Amcrp specified that the condemnation of the unjust economic, commercial and financial blockade that Washington imposes on the island has been a permanent demand of the vast majority of Cubans residing abroad, including those who live on the isthmus. “Our compatriots here have serious limitations to send remittances to their relatives in Cuba through banks, while entrepreneurs on the island are unable to pay their suppliers in Panama in this way, also affecting local businessmen,” the association explained.

On the other hand, the document points out that these measures of economic pressure on nations in the area are ones of the major causes of the migratory crisis that is taking place on the continent. The letter stressed that speaking out against them energetically as they have done, is also attack the root of the migration phenomenon that directly and seriously affects Panama.

The Amcrp conveyed the will of that community to denounce the unilateral measures and strengthen the ties of brotherhood between both nations.

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