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April 10, 2023

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Military Overview On April 9: Battle For Bakhmut Railway Station Began

Wagner fighter in Bakhmut

The situation of Ukrainian militants in Bakhmut remains catastrophic. The main battle is currently ongoing west of the city center, near the railway. A fierce battle continues for control of the Bakhmut-2 station, where the Ukrainian military command has sent another assault group in an attempt to hold their position.

Control of the Bahmut railway station is of strategic importance. The completion of the mop up operation in this district will pave the way for the further offensive of the Wagner militants on the western outskirts of the city. The AFU will be forced to leave the city and withdraw troops behind Tchaikovsky and Levanevsky Streets in order to save the lives of the remaining servicemen.

Military Overview On April 9: Battle For Bakhmut Railway Station Began

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The fighting in the area of the Bakhmut railway station confirms that the north-western Internat district (also known as Selishche; this is a residential area adjacent to the industrial zone) has come under Russian control. Fighting was also reported in the area of the detention facility located northeast of the railway station.

The destroyed position of the Ukrainian military in kindergarten, shown by a Russian military reporter:



On April 9, Wagner’s sources announced a new success in the central district of Bakhmut. Wagner’s forces took control of the Metallurg Stadium. Fighting continues in the Upper Park area, where the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was located. Earlier, Russian control of the Atlantic Hotel, located to the east of the park, was confirmed.

Near the Metallurg Stadium:



Wagner’s sources also reported that the front line is being straightened in the area of the Avangard stadium. The day before, Russian military sources claimed that Wagner controls the stadium, as well as school No. 7 and the agrarian Lyceum, located to the north on Kovalskaya and Blagoveshchenskaya streets.

On April 8 and 9, according to some preliminary reports, the last road from Bakhmut leading to the town of Chasnoy Yar was cut by Wagner’s troops. It was reported that they ousted Ukrainian units from the area of the MiG-17 monument. However, on April 9, Wagner’s sources denied these reports. Heavy clashes continue.

Military Overview On April 9: Battle For Bakhmut Railway Station Began

A lot of corps of dead Ukrainian servicemen are laying on the streets

Situation in the city:






However, the transfer of Ukrainian military supplies and reinforcements along this road is accompanied by heavy losses. The road is under the fire control of Russian forces, and it has been heavily damaged by heavy military equipment and bad weather conditions.

The Ukrainian military is trying to withdraw the remaining tanks and armored vehicles to regroup and launch any counterattacks, but they are massively shelled by Russian drones and artillery. In particular, the Wagner fighters are using 152 mm Krasnopol artillery shells.

Russian Lancet UAVs hit Ukrainian military near Bakhmut:



Krasnopol hit Ukrainian tank:



Evacuation of the wounded Ukrainian servicemen:



The road to Chasov Yar:



The AFU continue suffering heavy losses in Bakhmut. Even the decision of the Ukrainian military command to send their best military units to the region did not stop Russian advance. This was confirmed by the recently leaked secret US documents.

Part of the secret US documents that appeared on social networks earlier this week concerned the situation in Bakhmut, The New York Times reported. These are operational summaries compiled by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff on the basis of intelligence; they indicate that the United States monitors the actions of the top military and political leadership of Ukraine

The papers dated late February and early March confirmed that the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, at that time assessed the situation of the Ukrainian troops as “catastrophic”. He proposed to deploy elite units under his command in Bakhmut for two weeks in order to push back Russian troops and prevent them from blocking supply routes.

Deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Roman Mashovets claimed that “Ukrainian forces had the impression that they almost got into an operational environment.” In this regard, the commander of the AFU Ground Forces, Colonel-General Alexander Syrsky, asked to transfer a special unit of the Kraken special unit of the GUR to Bakhmut. These fighters are rather not servicemen, but punishers who are known for playing the role of the blocking-retreat detachments which kill the retreating soldiers of the AFU.

Despite the heavy losses, the Ukrainian authorities decided not to retreat from the city. Zelensky, explaining this decision, claiming that if the AFU surrendered, the Russian military would be able to significantly advance to other cities in the Donetsk direction. He also expressed his concern that the country’s authorities would push for a “compromise” with Russia.

The Kremlin responded by saying that Kiev “sets its own priorities.”


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