Bolsonaro Testifies in Relation to Saudi Jewels

April 5, 2023

Today, April 5, in Brasilia, the former President Jair Bolsonaro is scheduled to give testimony before the Federal Police (PF) concerning the matter of the jewels received by the Brazilian Government from Saudi Arabia and subsequently illicitly appropriated for personal use by the aforementioned individual.


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Besides the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, a total of nine individuals are scheduled to provide simultaneously and in-person statements at the Federal Police headquarters located in Brasilia.

The individuals mentioned include, but are not limited to, Colonel Mauro Cid, who serves as an order assistant for Bolsonaro, the adviser to the former ruler, Marcelo Câmara, as well as Julio Cesar Vieira Gomes, the previous leader of the Federal Treasury.

Previously, there were hearings conducted for individuals implicated in the aforementioned incident after the publication of a report by the State of São Paulo newspaper. The report exposed that members of the former administration had been exerting influence in order to secure the release of a package comprising jewelry confiscated by customs officials at the Guarulhos international airport located in São Paulo during the year 2021.

On March 14th, the erstwhile Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, asserted to the PF that the jewelry proffered by the Saudi government was bestowed upon the Brazilian State rather than serving as personal gratuities, as was advocated by Bolsonaro’s defense.

This statement epitomizes a formal and scholarly approach to writing by employing a stilted vocabulary, nominalization, and technical terminology.

The law enforcement officers hold the view that there exists tangible and verifiable proof that Bolsonaro consistently engaged in efforts aimed at retrieving the valuable gemstones. However, the erstwhile head of state refutes any suggestions of impropriety.

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