Brazil Operations Against School Violence: 225 People Arrested

April 19, 2023

According to Minister of Justice and Public Security Flavio Dino, recent operations targeting school violence in Brazil resulted in the apprehension of 225 individuals and the deactivation of 756 social media accounts over the course of the preceding 10 days.


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The authority disclosed that a total of 694 juveniles and adults were summoned to provide evidence, along with 1,595 reports lodged with the police and 1,224 pending cases being investigated.

During a meeting chaired by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Dino delivered a report. Following the report, the President urged the participation of ministers, governors, and legislators in the formation of a council tasked with addressing not only this issue but also other pertinent matters on a national scale.

The President issued a cautionary reminder regarding the accountability of social media and urged familial participation in the combat against violence.

“These so-called platforms and the so-called big companies that make money by spreading violence are getting rich. Some are the richest on planet Earth and they keep spreading lies. They have no criteria,” he said.

On March 27, in a public school in São Paulo, a teacher was stabbed and killed by a student. On April 5, in a kindergarten, an attack left four children dead and five others injured. After these violent events, measures to prevent violence in schools were initiated.

The government has also created an online program to teach safety recommendations to school administrators and teachers, a task force for monitoring of social media and hotlines to report suspicious activity.

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