ChatGPT Producer To Try To Counteract This Robot’s Ban In Italy | News

April 6, 2023

On Thursday, Italy’s data protection agency Garante announced that the Californian company OpenAI, the producer of the ChatGPT conversational robot, plans to present initiatives that counteract the robot’s banning in Italy.


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OpenAI, which the Microsoft Corporation backs, took the ChatGPT robot offline in Italy last week after the Garante agency temporarily restricted it and began a probe into a suspected breach of privacy rules.

Garante accused OpenAI company of failing to check the age of the robot’s users and the “absence of any legal basis that justifies the massive collection and storage of personal data”.

In a video conference late on Wednesday, OpenAI pledged to be more transparent about personal data handling. It also promised to verify the user’s age and respond to all Garante’s requests about these matters.

“We do not use data for selling our services, advertising, or building profiles of people. We use data to make our models more helpful for people. ChatGPT, for instance, improves by further training on the conversations users hold with it,” OpenAI said.

“While some of our training data includes personal information available on the public internet, we want our models to learn about the world, not private individuals,” this company stressed.

OpenAI promised to remove personal information from its datasets where possible, establish fine-tuned models to reject user prompts asking for such information, and respond to individual requests to delete their data from its systems.

“We have no intention of putting a brake on developing AI. However, we reiterate the importance of respecting rules aimed at protecting the personal data of Italian and European citizens,” the Garante agency stated.

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