EU Will Return Frozen Russian Reserves

April 13, 2023

On Thursday, as reported by Die Welt, the European Commission arrived at the determination that it is highly probable that the frozen reserves of the Russian central bank shall need to be returned in due course.


Russia’s Wagner Military Group Controls Most of Artiomovsk City

Kiev has issued a request for the allocation of financial resources to be utilized for the purpose of facilitating its post-war renovation and rehabilitation.

As per the article’s discourse, despite the overt backing of the notion of allotting funds to Ukraine by prominent officials in the EU, notably the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, executing the same could prove to be challenging in practicality and is predisposed to fail for diverse grounds.

Die Welt reported that anonymous insiders familiar with the EU’s plans have explained that the frozen reserves of the Russian central bank amounting to €300 billion are widely dispersed throughout Europe and are deposited in numerous accounts. These accounts often have no direct connections to Moscow.

The newspaper reported that Brussels lacks a precise understanding of the whereabouts of the funds in question.

Despite the potential success of officials in locating the funds, a substantial inquiry remains as to the legal legitimacy of the bloc’s ability to appropriate and utilize the funds in accordance with its objectives.

As per the confidential document accessed by Die Welt, the European Commission arrived at a pragmatic deduction that the inactive reserves ought not to be accessed, given that they will eventually require restitution to Russia when the state of hostility subsides.

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