In Solidarity with the Peruvian People in Their Fight and Quest for Social Change and Democracy – International League of Peoples’ Struggle

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) Commission on Science and Technology for People’s Development (Commission XIII) strongly condemns the ongoing fascist attacks and brutal repression of President Dina Boluarte’s regime to the Peruvian people. We hold the Boluarte regime accountable for the killings of at least 54 protesters, mostly indigenous people and peasants from poor communities, and the massacre of 17 civilians during a protest in the city of Juliaca on January 9.

The demands of the Peruvian people for immediate social and economic reforms are just and legitimate. Decades of labor exploitation, worsening poverty, social injustice, human rights violations, state violence, and natural resource plunder have plunged Peru into one of the highest poverty rates in Southern America.

Clearly the Boluarte government has failed to address the concerns and uphold the interest of the Peruvian people. Instead of heeding the demand of the people to resign, President Boluarte is holding onto power, declaring a state of emergency and implementing repressive measures to quell the protests. Her fascist regime is branding protesters and activists as terrorists and criminals, and employing a heavy militaristic response to the current political crisis.

ILPS Commission XIII is in solidarity with the Peruvian people in their fight and quest for social change and democracy in Peru. We demand to immediately cease the attacks on the protesters and civilians, and respect the human rights and civil liberties of the Peruvian people. President Boluarte should heed the legitimate demands to urgently lift the state of emergency and hold democratic elections as soon as possible. We also call for an immediate investigation and prosecution of military and police forces involved in the massacres and killings of protesters.

El pueblo peruano unido jamás será vencido!

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