ISIS Claims Attack In Syria’s Daraa For First Time In Eight MonthsSouth Front

April 7, 2023

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ISIS Claims Attack In Syria’s Daraa For First Time In Eight Months

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On April 6, an officer of the Syrian Police was killed in a drive-by shooting attack by ISIS terrorists in the southern governorate of Daraa.

The attack took place on a road near the town of Qarfa in the northern Daraa countryside. The terrorists were reportedly moving on a motorcycle. The Syrian Ministry of Interior identified the fallen police officer as Wasim Musa al-Ghazali, a native of Qarfa.

ISIS confirmed its responsibility for the attack via its official news agency, Amaq, marking the first time it has announced an operation in Daraa in around eight months.

Following the deadly shooting attack, Syrian government forces carried out a series of raids in the town of Adawan in the western Daraa countryside and the town of Mlaiha al-Garbiah in the governroate’s eastern countryside. Several suspects were arrested during the raid. ISIS cells are known to be present in both towns.

The situation in Daraa remains unstable. Attacks are being reported on a daily basis. On April 7 alone, a former rebel and a ex-fighter of government forces were killed in two separate attacks in the northern and western countryside of the governorate.

Over the past year, Syrian government forces and local fighters killed many members and commanders of ISIS during joint counter-terrorism operations in Daraa. Despite this, the terrorist group is still active in the governorate as well as in nearby areas.


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