Kiev Forces Sustain More Losses In Donetsk And Zaporozhye (Videos)South Front

July 22, 2023

Kiev Forces Sustain More Losses In Donetsk And Zaporozhye (Videos)

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On July 21 and 22, Kiev forces sustained heavy losses while attempting to advance in South Donetsk, Zaporozhye and several other directions.

In the South Donetsk direction, the Russian Vostok Group of Forces neutralized two Ukrainian reconnaissance groups west of Makarovka. The group’s artillery also destroyed a mortar of Kiev forces to the east of Urozhayne, an Msta-B towed howitzer in the area of Velikaya Novosyolka, and a counter-battery radar in the Vodiane area.

Moreover, the group’s aviation targeted a gathering of Kiev forces in the Staromayorsky area. An Osa short-range air defense system of the group also down two Ukrainian A1-CM Furia and two Valkyrja reconnaissance drones.

Meanwhile in the Zaporozhye direction, the group thwarted an attempt to rotate Ukrainian troops in the Novodarovka area and neutralized a reconnaissance group in the Mirny area. In the same area, a mortar was destroyed by artillery fire.

Near Rabotino, a Ukrainian attack was repelled and several pieces of military equipment were destroyed. A towed howitzer was also destroyed in Chervona Krinitsa. In addition, a series of airstrikes targeted gatherings of manpower and equipment in the areas of Pyatikhatka, Rabotino and Priyutnoye.

In the Lisichansk direction, the Russian Yug Group of Forces thwarted two attempts to conduct reconnaissance in force by sabotage groups from Ukraine’s 10th Mountain Assault Brigade. Also, several attacks were also repelled by the group in the Avdeevsky and Soledaro-Artemovsky directions.

Furthermore, the group’s Tornado-S heavy multiple rocket launchers targeted gatherings of the 77th Separate Airborne Brigade of Kiev forces in the area of ​​the settlement of Menkovka.

The group’s artillery also destroyed mortar in the area of ​​the settlement of Belaya Gora and a Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer at a firing position near Maksimilyanovka. In addition, an Osa air defense system of the group shot down a A1-CM Furia drone over the Vladimirovka area.

New videos from South Donetsk, Zaporozhye and other directions showed some of Kiev’s forces recent material losses, which included a number of American-made Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and an M88 recovery vehicle.

Six weeks into their counteroffensive, Kiev forces are still bogged down kilometers away from the Russian military’s first line of defense. Despite sustaining heavy human and material losses, the counteroffensive will likely continue as the Kiev regime appears to be desperate to appease its Western backers.


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