Kyiv’s Air Defense Going Crazy, Fails To Intercept Russian StrikesSouth Front

June 2, 2023

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Kyiv's Air Defense Going Crazy, Fails To Intercept Russian Strikes

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On the night of June 2, Russian forces launched another wave of strikes on military facilities throughout Ukraine. One of the targets was the country’s capital Kyiv. Despite Herculean efforts of Ukrainian authorities to hide their losses and prevent any footage from being spread online, the videos from Ukraine often reveal that claims of Kiev’s official do not correspond to reality.

On Friday night, air alert sounded in all Ukrainian regions. According to preliminary reports, explosions thundered in Cherkasy, Zhytomyr and Kirovograd regions, as well as in Kyiv.

The recent attack was reportedly carried out by Russian Tu-95MS strategic bombers which launched missiles from the Caspian region, as well as by Russian Geran-type kamikazze UAVs launched from different directions.

Last night, several videos from the Ukrainian capital revealed that Russian missiles continue reaching their targets and destroy air defence systems (ADS), including the foreign ones. Moreover, the videos showed that these air defence systems cause more damage to civilian infrastructure than to Russian drones and missiles. 

New videos from cameras installed in Kiev showed another ADS going crazy. Numerous surface-to-air missiles are seen failing, targeting the residential areas in the city.



Another video confirmed that at least one of the ADS in Kyiv was destroyed last night. A large explosion was seen in the area of its deployment. The target was likely a foreign system, German IRIS-T or another US-made Patriot system, which are deployed in the capital likely to protect the Ukrainian decision-making centers. However, they do not perform their tasks well. LINK

After the ADS was hit, it launched its last missile which also hit a residential area.



Installing their ADSs in the residential areas of the city, Kyiv and its NATO commanders are using residents of the capital as a humand shield for their expensive systems. This has led to the fact that many missiles lose control of targets and either fall on civilian buildings or self-destruct, and their debris rains on the streets, increasing damage.


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