Main Suspect In St. Petersburg Cafe Blast Remanded In Custody

April 5, 2023

Moscow’s Basmanny Court on Tuesday remanded in custody Darya Trepova, the main suspect in the terrorist attack that claimed the life of military blogger Vladlen Tatarski.

Russia: Kiev Special Services Planned St. Petersburg Cafe Blast

The court’s ruling upheld investigators’ request for Trepova’s remand, so the 26-year-old St. Petersburg resident will remain in custody until June 2023, according to Judge Valentina Levashova. 

Darya Trepova is accused of committing an act of terrorism, as well as illegal carrying of explosive devices.

According to the investigation, last Sunday, Trepova, brought a statuette bomb to a coffee shop in downtown St. Petersburg and gave it to military blogger Maxim Fomin, known by his pseudonym Vladlen Tatarsky. 

The National Anti-Terrorism Committee said Ukrainian intelligence agencies planned the attack. Trepova is an active supporter of imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the Committee added.

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