Minsk Calls for Truce in Ukraine, Start of Talks

April 12, 2023

During his visit to Hungary on Wednesday, Sergey Aleinik, the Foreign Minister of Belarus, urged for a ceasefire in Ukraine, followed by negotiations.


Serbia Has Never Sold Arms To Ukraine: Defense Minister Vucevic

“Belarus, like Hungary, is on the side of peace,” said Belarusian Foreign Minister Sergey Aleinik.

“Minsk’s position is straightforward: What’s needed is to stop the killing of people, announce a truce without delay and start talks – the sooner, the better,” he said.

“The truce should be announced without the right to redeploy, regroup troops for both sides, without the right to move weapons, ammunition, personnel and equipment,” the minister said.

In late March, the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, asserted the imperative nature of instigating discussions relating to a settlement in Ukraine and put forth the notion of terminating hostilities.

“Without the right to move and regroup troops on both sides, without the right to transfer weapons and ammunition, manpower and equipment,” he said.

He also added that “if the West once again tries to use the pause to strengthen its positions by deception, then Russia has to use the full power of the military-industrial complex and the army to prevent the escalation of the conflict.”

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