Russian Military Tracked And Eliminated Two Sabotage Groups Of Kiev’s ForcesSouth Front

April 13, 2023

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Russian Military Tracked And Eliminated Two Sabotage Groups Of Kiev’s Forces

A Russian Msta-SM2 firing. Screengrab via the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Russian units tracked and eliminated two sabotage and reconnaissance groups of Kiev’s forces in the Kupyansk direction.

According to the head of the press center of the Zapad group of the Russian military, the abovementioned units were belonging to the 14th Ombre and 103rd Territorial Defense Brigade. At the same time, Russian artillery disrupted three rotation attempts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the forefront near the settlements of Ivanovka, Stelmakhovka and Artemovka.

On top of this, fire of the Russian 2S19 “Msta-S” howitzer destroyed the Polish-made self-propelled artillery gun “Crab” and a battle tank with high-precision ammunition “Krasnopol” in the area of Kurilovka and Peschanoe.

In the area of ​​the village of Ivanovka, 120-mm mortar fire destroyed the electronic warfare station of Kiev’s forces.

Meanwhile, intense fighting continues in the area of Bakhmut where Russian forces are in control of about 80% of the city. Units of the Kiev regime continue fierce resistance there. Kiev and its foreign sponsors demonstrate that they are ready to continue their attempts to keep control at least parts of Bakhmut at any cost. Despite this, the fate of the Battle of Bakhmut itself seems to be predetermined.


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