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April 14, 2023

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Military Overview Of Situation In Ukraine On April 14, 2023: Saboteurs' Activity Detected In Zaporizhzhia Region

In Melitopol, the investigation into the detention of a sabotage group is ongoing

The situation on the fields of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict developed as follows.

Fighters of the Wagner PMC have already entrenched themselves on Sibirtsev Street in Bakhmut, which means they have taken complete control of the district state administration building.

The Wagner PMC, having cleared the vicinity of Rose Alley in Bakhmut, went to the Oborony and Kraynyaya streets. In the city center, fighting is going on in the area of the grain elevator and the railway station. To the south, fighting continues near the bus station and the Transit Hotel. In the southern part of the city, the Ukrainian armed forces continue to hold positions in the multi-storey buildings near Chaykovsky and Korsunsky streets. In the western part of the city, high-rise buildings continue to be held by the Ukrainian military. The Ukrainian Armed Forces blew up a number of high-rise buildings in order to slow down the advance of the attackers. They set the buildings on fire to make clearing them more difficult. Video of the destruction of high-rise buildings appeared in the public domain.

Military Overview Of Situation In Ukraine On April 14, 2023: Saboteurs' Activity Detected In Zaporizhzhia Region

Military Overview Of Situation In Ukraine On April 14, 2023: Saboteurs' Activity Detected In Zaporizhzhia Region

Wagner in front of the Bakhmut district administration building

Ukrainian formations fired three HIMARS rockets to Svatovo, destroying several utility and administrative buildings on the territory of the city hospital. There are no significant changes in this section of the front – there are position battles and artillery duels along the line of contact.

To the north of Avdeevka, Russian servicemen are fighting near Novobakhmutovka, expanding their zone of control towards Novokalinovo. In Marinka, position fighting continues in the central part of the city. Ukrainian formations shelled Donetsk agglomeration again: the capital of the DPR, Panteleymonovka and Vladimirovka were hit, one person was killed and several were injured.

Ammunition depots of the 66th and 102nd AFU Brigades were destroyed near the settlements of Nevskoye and Huliaipole.

In Melitopol, an air defense system went off: an enemy drone was intercepted over the city. Preliminarily, there were no casualties or damage. In addition, in Melitopol today three Ukrainian saboteurs involved in the preparation of terrorist attacks in Zaporizhzhia region were detained. They damaged the railroad bed and intended to attack officials and workers who ensure the transport. During a search of the criminals, explosives were found in their possession.

On the right bank of the Dnieper, Russian forces struck identified enemy points in Kazatsk, Antonovka and Kherson. Guided aerial bombs are used to hit targets such as ammunition and equipment depots, among other things. Ukrainian formations responded by shelling civilian infrastructure in Kakhovka, Tavriisk and Hornostaevka. One civilian was killed in Novaya Kakhovka as a result of shelling of a school.

Confirmed losses of AFU on the line of contact during the day totaled about 470 servicemen, 4 vehicles, 7 armored vehicles, 2 guns D-20 and 1 Msta-B, as well as 3 self-propelled howitzers Gvozdika. Artillery and aviation struck 97 artillery positions and 124 areas where manpower and equipment were amassed. Air defense assets intercepted nine HIMARS rocket launchers and six drones.


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