Serbia Has Never Sold Arms To Ukraine: Defense Minister Vucevic

April 12, 2023

On Wednesday, Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic rejected the content of some social-media-leaked U.S. Pentagon documents, which alleged that Serbia sold weapons to the Ukrainian army to fight Russian forces.


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“This lie has been published for the umpteenth time. Someone is trying to destabilize our country and involve it in a conflict in which we do not want to participate,” Vucevic stated.

He explained that Serbia has not sold or will sell arms to either Ukraine or Russia. Nevertheles, the Minister did not rule out the possibility that Serb weapons have ended up in conflict areas by other means.

“There is always the possibility of some weapons being found mysteriously in the territory of the conflict. However, these weapons have absolutely nothing to do with the Serbian government,” Vucevic stated.

Serbia, which intends to join the European Union (EU), has not imposed sanctions against Russia. Nevertheless, its government has condemned the armed conflict in Ukraine.

The Pentagon leaked documents, about which the press made reports, stressed that Serbia refused to offer military training to Ukrainian forces but pledged to send arms to them. They also stressed that Belgrade had the political will and military capability to provide such aid.

“I repeat: Serbia has not sent weapons to Ukraine, and everything published on this subject is false conjecture,” Vucevic stressed.

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