Stop nuclear war exercises. Withdraw US troops from all foreign countries. No more nuclear provocations!

Joint statement of world anti-imperialist struggles

The nuclear war maneuvers of aggressive US forces are pushing the Korean peninsula to the brink of war. The US-South Koreas Freedom Shield military drill and Warrior Shield field training exercise (FTX) are rehearsing for a nuclear war against the DPRK, aiming to “conquer Pyongyang” and to “remove the leadership of North Korea”.

During these exercises, the USA has assembled an array of invasion forces, including strategic nuclear bombers and a nuclear aircraft carrier, on the Korean peninsula, allowing the Yun Seok-yeol warmonger clique to stage the largest-ever invasion drills against North Corea, transforming our country into a nuclear powder keg.

The USA’s willingness to wage aggressive war is demonstrated by its deepening of the ‘new cold war’. The USA has strengthened the US-Japan-south Korea trilateral military ‘alliance’ by subjugating the pro-US Yun Seok-yeol warmonger clique to the forces of Japanese militarism.

The joint military exercises held this month followed on from March’s ‘Sea Dragon’, a US-centred multinational joint military exercise aimed at North Korea, China, and Russia that was conducted in the western Pacific near Guam.

The USA is preparing South Korea and Taiwan as battlegrounds for nuclear war in East Asia, while preparing Japan to be its primary regional base. It is mobilizing its proxies in South Korea and Taiwan to carry out war exercises against the DPRK and China and to create ethnic tensions while strengthening the forces of Japanese militarism.

The people united can never be defeated. As the confrontation between the anti-imperialist bloc and the aggressive imperialist forces comes to a climax, the primary focus for the people of the world must be to oppose US-led imperialism.

The historical experience of World War 2, which ended with the defeat of the fascist forces, shows that only the united power of the people of the world can repel the imperialist aggressors who are waging World War 3. The victory of the peoples of the world, who have embarked on the majestic struggle under the banner of anti-US and anti-imperialism, is just and inevitable.

The South Korean people, who are one axis of the world’s struggle against US imperialism, will rise up in the anti-US, anti-Japanese, and anti-Yun Seok-yeol struggle to strike a decisive blow against the imperialist aggressors, overthrow the pro-US government of Yun Seok-yeol, and bring about a new day of national independence and world peace.

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International People's Front

The International Peoples' Front, or IPF, is a united front organized at the international level to mobilize organizations and individuals from the local, national, and international levels to coordinate, cooperate, assist, and together fight imperialism and its agents in all forms.

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