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March 8, 2023

Jeepney drivers in the Philippines just launched a successful two-day strike to protest the “Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) Modernization Program.” This program would force drivers to purchase new and expensive vehicles without any subsidy, thereby forcing ordinary drivers out of business and replacing them with big corporations. Led by a coalition of jeepney driver organizations like PISTON and Manibela, drivers shut down transport in 80 percent of the cities in Metro Manila, and 100 percent of major routes. This forced the Marcos regime to come to the table with worker leaders, and promise to re-review the program and include drivers in the process.

But the fight is not yet over! Drivers are still demanding the total scrapping of the PUV Modernization Program and all anti-poor policies. Moreover, three drivers were arrested for participating in the strike, and Vice President Sara Duterte even tagged striking drivers as terrorists. 

The strike has shown us that collective action is the workers’ strongest weapon against oppression, and drivers are ready to launch larger transportation strikes until their demands are fully met.

Let us draw lessons and courage from the struggle of the jeepney drivers and continue the struggle against the US-Marcos II regime. 

Support our jeepney drivers by donating to the strike fund at!

#NoToJeepneyPhaseout #NoToPUVPhaseout #TransportStrike

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