Trump in Court for the Second Time, New York

April 13, 2023

Today is the second court appearance of the former American President, Donald Trump (2017-2021), in relation to a fraudulent lawsuit brought forth by Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York.


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After his 34-count felony arraignment in Manhattan last week, Trump made a court appearance in relation to a case wherein he, alongside his three adult sons and their commercial ventures, stands accused of engaging in the manipulation of properties’ securities for the purposes of securing investment and loan advantages over a number of years.

Donald Trump provided his initial statement pertaining to the civil fraud lawsuit in August of last year, ultimately choosing to utilize the protection of the Fifth Amendment on over 400 occasions. As per reports, it is presently uncertain whether he will respond to further inquiries.

Notably, the plea in question, which forms a constituent part of the discovery process preceding the civil trial scheduled for October 2, is anticipated to exhibit distinctiveness.

Alina Habba, the attorney representing President Trump, expressed her anticipation to appear before the attorney general and maintained her stance of having no incriminating evidence to conceal.

The State of New York is currently pursuing the imposition of a sum of $250 million in monetary sanctions, along with an application to the court to prohibit the former President and his children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump, from holding positions as officers or directors of any business entity duly registered or licensed within the state.

James petitioned the court to prohibit the prior president and the latter’s business from purchasing property in New York or obtaining credit from any financial institution for a duration of five years.

In response to James’ lawsuit against him, President Trump dismissed the action as “another witch hunt” and consistently maintained that the case lacks merit. Moreover, he also questioned the legitimacy of the ongoing inquiries associated with the matter.

“This civil case is ridiculous, just like all the other Election Interference cases filed against me,” he wrote in a post on his Truth Social network.

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