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April 16, 2023

Turkish-Made Cobra II Armored Vehicles Spotted En Route To Ukraine (Videos)

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Kiev forces are reportedly about to receive several dozens of Turkish-made Cobra II infantry mobility vehicles via Romania.

On April 13, video footage surfaced online showing 20 to 30 Cobra II vehicles moving by rails in northeastern Romania in the direction of Ukraine. The Romanian Armed Forces are not known to operate this type of vehicles, which indicates that they were directly supplied by Turkey.

The Cobra II is a 4×4 wheeled armored infantry mobility vehicle that is made by Turkey’s Otokar. The vehicle is powered by a 6.7L, six-cylinder, water cooled, turbo charged, common rail, diesel engine that produces a power of 360 hp. It has a maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour and can operate in a range of 700 kilometers.

The vehicle, which weighs around 12 tons, can carry nine personnel including the driver and the commander. It features a high level of protection against several threats, from improvised explosive devices to landmines.

Standard equipment of the Cobra II includes rear view camera, thermal front camera, air conditioning system, blackout lighting system, multi-point seat belts, radio provisions, and a towing eye. It can be optionally equipped with a self-recovery winch, nuclear, biological and chemical filtration kit, automation fire extinguishing system, intercom system, navigation system and an auxiliary power unit.

The vehicle can be armed with several types of machine guns, grenade launchers, anti-tank guided missiles and anti-aircraft weapons.

Turkey didn’t not halt military cooperation with Ukraine after the beginning of the Russian special military operation in the country last year. Ankara supplied loads of weapons to Kiev forces, including Bayraktar TB2 combat drones, BMC Kirpi mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles and allegedly TRLG-230 precision-guided missiles. Most of these weapons were paid for by Ukraine or its allies.

The supply of Cobra II vehicles will make up for some of Kiev forces’ material losses. However, it will not change the balance on the battlefield, or lead to any tensions between Ankara and Moscow who maintain close relations.


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