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April 4, 2023

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Military Overview: Ukrainian Forces Retreat To Western Outskirts Of Bakhmut (Video 18+)

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New victories of the Wagner PMC are reported in the region of Bakhmut. The Armed Forces of Ukraine fail to stop Russian advance on the streets of the city and are threatened to loose control of the settlements on its outskirts.

According to Ukrainian media sources, Ukrainian forces lost control of up to 10% of the city in the past three days. The AFU were forced to withdraw beyond the Bakhmut railway station located in the western district of the city due to disrupted logistics and heavy fighting.

On April 4, Russian military sources reported that Wagner fighters completed the mop operation in the industrial area in the northern district of Bakhmut and the territory of AZOM industrial plant came under full Russian control.

Russian report from the AZOM plant:



The end of the mop up operation was marked by the establishment of Russian control of the Bakhmu-1 railway station located to the north of the city center.

After their control of the entire industrial area was secured, Wagner fighters advanced to the southern and south-western directions. Clashes are already ongoing in the residential quarters. In Selische district, the local school No 24 located on Levanevsky Street came under Russian control.

The AFU used the UR-77 “Meteorite” mine clearance unit in urban battles in Bakhmut:



Russian Lancet UAV destroyed Ukrainian howitzer near Bakhmut:



Ukrainian soldiers shared videos from Bakhmut:





Wagner fighters are also expanding the zone of their control in the center of the city. Russian flags were raised over the administrative buildings. Since then, Wagner fighters took control of Sibirtsev Street, took control of the local school No 11. Clashes are ongoing in the area of the Metallurg stadium. The central quarters to the west are in a gray aone.

From the south of the city, Wagner units are advancing along Rozhdestvenskaya Street. Clashes are ongoing in the area of the Avangard stadium. At the same time, battles continue in the quarters between Tchaikovsky and Korsunsky Streets in the south-western part of Bakhmut.

The Ukrainian grouping in Bakhmut cannot hold their positions in the center. Amid the Russian advance from the southern and northern directions, Ukrainian forces are threatened to be encircled. That’s why they are retreating to their positions on the western outskirts of the city.

Wounded Ukrainian soldiers attempt to escape from Bakhmut along the last road to Chasov Yar:



At the same time, Wagner units have reportedly entered the outskirts of the town of Bogdanovka located west of Bakhmut. The Ukrainian military is fiercely resisting, since this town is an important stronghold which secures the transfer of military supplies to the Bakhmut garrison. The Ukrainian military command has not launched a full-scale counteroffensive to pull Wagner forces out of the last road leading to the city and secure their military supplies.

In other areas, the front lines remain unchanged.


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