Ukrainian Nazis Killed At Least 12 Civilians In DonbassSouth Front

April 7, 2023

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Ukrainian Nazis Killed At Least 12 Civilians In Donbass

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On April 6, Ukrainian nazis cowardly shelled civilians in the DPR and LPR. In just one day, at least 12 civilians became victims of Ukrainian shelling.

According to the Mayor of Donetsk Alexey Kulemzin, at about 5 pm the AFU launched at least four rounds of ammunition from multiple rocket launchers in the Kalininsky and Budyonnovsky districts of the city. Ten minutes later, in the direction of the Kievsky district, fire was opened from 155-mm artillery of the NATO sample.

Nine civilians were killed and seven others were injured during the shelling of the car repair station in the Kalininsky district of Donetsk by Ukrainian nazis. The AFU attacked the civilian facility with the US-made HIMARS MLRS.

“When the first four rockets struck, we went to see what happened to our guard – he was sitting here in the trailer. When we took him out, he was wounded by shrapnel, there was the second strike. I have no idea how I survived. I fell between two plashes”, one of the employees of the station told the reporters.

The shelling began during the working day when there were a lot of people at the station.

Ukrainian Nazis Killed At Least 12 Civilians In Donbass

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At the same time, Ukrainian nazis killed three more civilians in the LPR. They intentionally hit a bus stop in Lisichansk.



This is only two of the Ukrainian attacks in the Donbass today. They intentionally targeted civilian facilities and were carried out at the moment when there were a lot of people. Until the nazi military is completely destroyed there will be no peace for civilians in the Donbass.


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