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April 3, 2023

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Overview: Who Is Behind Assassination Of Vladlen Tatarsky

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On the evening of April 2, prominent Russian war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky was killed in a terrorist attack in the city of St. Petersburg. The number of victims of the terrorist attack has grown to 33 wounded. Eight of them are in hospitals in serious conditions. LINK The investigation has evidence that the planning and organization of the crime was carried out from the territory of Ukraine.

The explosive devise was hidden in the statuette that was presented to the war correspondent by a woman from the audience. She said that her name was Anastasia. She introduced herself as an artist and said that she was making cards with the symbols of the special operation.

However, later she was identified as a citizen of Saint Petersburg Daria Trepova, born in 1997.

New videos of the incident showed her presenting the statuette. Vladlen Tatarsky thanked her, joked and friendly offered her to sit closer. Trepova is seen nervous. She was aware that her present will explode in a moment. According to the footage, the person who remotely detonated the device was likely in the cafe and clearly saw the right moment:




The explosion thundered at 6.15 pm. Trepova is seen calmly leaving the cafe. Judging by the footage posted online immediately after the explosion, the woman was not wounded because Vladlen’s body covered her from explosives. Vladlen’s body was thrown by the blast wave in her direction.




In about 10 minutes, Trepova entered a rented apartment on the 4th line of Vasilievsky Island. She cut her hair, changed her clothes and called a taxi. For the next four hours she was moving around the city. She changed up to 6 taxis.

Meanwhile, the security forces arrived in Pushkin, where Trepova’s relatives lived. The woman was not found at home, and her 45-year-old mother was taken for interrogation.

At about 11 p.m., Trepova arrived at the apartment of the friend of her husband on Fedor Abramov Street, 8. She was spotted with her suitcase and was filmed smiling in the elevator.

Trepova arrived in St. Petersburg from Moscow the day before the explosion. She was not going to stay in the city. She had tickets on her hands for an evening flight to Bukhara, Uzbekistan, on April 2, which she could not use. According to some reports, she was promised to be evacuated after the attack. There was a job offered to her abroad.


Overview: Who Is Behind Assassination Of Vladlen Tatarsky

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At 5 a.m. on April 3, security forces arrived at the house. They established surveillance. At around 11 a.m. Trepova was detained.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs published a video of Trepova’s interrogation. The girl looks into the camera and confirms that she brought the statuette. She doesn’t look scared and smiles. It is clearly seen that she was instructed how to answer to such questions:



— Do you understand why you were detained?

— I understand. I would say, for being at the scene of the murder of Vladlen Tatarsky.

— What did you do?

— I brought a statuette that exploded.

— And who gave you this statuette?

— Can I tell you later?

On the same day, she was convoyed to Moscow.

Russian media reported that during her interrogation Trepova claimed that she allegedly was not aware of the content of the statuette, which she handed to the deceased military journalist. She allegedly thought that there was a bugging device not an explosive. It is obvious that her claims are lie. All the videos and her actions before and after the incident confirm that she was aware of the explosives and was preparing to the assassination long before it. Moreover, there is no need to place any bugging devices in such public events which are filmed and translated online by dozens of cameras.

According to her testimony, Trepova was instructed to get closer to Tatarsky, collect compromising materials on him and further blackmail the war correspondent, persuade him to cooperate and transfer information to Ukraine.

She was reportedly instructed by a Ukrainian journalist. According to the investigation, this man was working on the Main Intelligence Governorate of Ukraine.

Overview: Who Is Behind Assassination Of Vladlen Tatarsky

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The journalist in question was identified as Roman Popkov, who demanded the terrorist to perform the tasks in the interest of the Kiev regime and sent her money.

Popkov was a member of the so-called Russian National Bolschevik Party. This was socio-political organization that did not have the official status of a party and was banned in 2007. It was considered a radical nationalist organisation. In 2009, Popkov was expelled from it with disgrace as a traitor and a man who stirred up the split in 2008. Taking offense at Russia, he moved to Ukraine during the Maidan revolution and began working against his motherland in the interest of the Nazi special services.

He joined the Ukrainian Nazis, and also worked for such notorious figures like Khodorkovsky and Ponomarev LINK, LINK, LINK. Popkov is a friend of the Ukrainian extremist Denis Kapustin who carried out the recent terrorist attack in the Bryansk region. LINK Also one of his friends is Ukrainian provocateur Christian Udarov who is now fighting parishioners in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in the Ukrainian capital.

The National Anti-Terrorist Committee also established that Trepova is an active supporter of the so-called Alexei Navalny Anti-Corruption Foundation. It was also established that agents from among those who collaborated with this fund were involved in the terrorist attack planned by the special services of Ukraine. The leaders of the fund, who are hiding abroad, have already declared in social networks their full support for the murder of Tatarsky and wounds of dozens of other people.

Overview: Who Is Behind Assassination Of Vladlen Tatarsky

Trepova in the shop

The terrorist attack in St-Petersburg was prepared in advance. Trepova was exploited as an agent ordered to get closer to her victim.

On March 28, Daria Trepova attended a student meeting with Vladlen Tatarsky which was held at the Russian New University in Moscow. The contact was established there. That’s why Vladlen recognized the girl in St Petersburg and even presented her to his wife.

Terrorist Trepova conducted reconnaissance in the Moscow bookstore “Listva”, owned by the Russian patriotic publishing house “Black Hundred”. Trepova attempted to establish some contacts with the patriotic community, lying about her support to the military.

“When she came to the Foliage on March 3, she introduced herself as Nastya,” the bookstore reports. – She behaved actively, took pictures …, communicated with the seller, bragged to him about her patriotic Telegram channel.” She “leafed through Tatarsky’s books for a long time …”.

According to the employees, the terrorist offered her postcards for sale. All funds should be sent to support the special military operation in Ukraine.

“We refused — the postcards were poorly drawn,” the message says. – Daria agreed to work on them — and returned on March 26  …”. We took 40 pieces for charity sale. The other day she was interested in whether people like her postcards, whether sales are going on.”

Then, Trepova deleted all the correspondence.

“All our shops are carefully examined for bombs and bugging systems that could have been planted. We will not stop our activities, we will not stop the events; because that is exactly what our enemy wants.” the bookstore reported.

Trepova’s Telegram channel was created in 2021, but she began publishing some patriotic content only in December 2022, when she probably began to actively prepare for the terrorist attack.

Overview: Who Is Behind Assassination Of Vladlen Tatarsky

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Trepova is an explicit example of young woman of liberal and oppositional views, who failed to achieve any success in her life and felt herself different from the others. Daria considered herself to be vegetarian, eco-activist and radical feminist. At the social networks, she wrote that she “thinks about suicide from 20 to 150 times a day” “without a note of self-pity.” In november 2022, her public accounts were deleted.

After school, she entered the Medical Faculty of St. Petersburg State University, but she did not graduate and left the university in 2019. She became a freelancer and presented herself as a model, publishing her photos. She tried to become a designer and was dreaming to be an artist. However, she only worked in a second-hand shop and was an administrator in a vintage store. Later she moved to Moscow.

Overview: Who Is Behind Assassination Of Vladlen Tatarsky

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Trepova was reportedly bisexual, but preferred men. Dmitry Rylov, who was a member of the Libertarian Party, became Trepova’s husband, but their friends claimed that they had married “for fun” and almost did not live together.

Together with her husband, Trepova attended protest rallies. In February 2022, they were detained and sentenced to 10 days of arrest for violating sanitary standards and interfering with the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

In the autumn of the same year, her husband left Russia. His wife lived in Georgia for six months, but returned when her money ran out.

Her friends told the reporters that Trepova had some new incomes. She reportedly began working remotely for some Ukrainian journalists, and the tasks she performed were related to the transfer of parcels from hand to hand.

The girl found the fame she was looking for. Today, she is threatened with the life sentence. Initially, the case of the explosion in the St. Petersburg was qualified as a murder in a generally dangerous way, but it was latter reclassified as a “terrorist attack”.

While the victim, Vladlen Tatarsky was posthumously awarded by Russian President Vladimir Putin with the Order of Courage. The presidential decree says that Tatarsky “showed courage in the performance of his professional duty.”

By the decision of the council of commanders of the Wagner PMCs, Maxim Fomin (Vladlen Tatarsky) was also enrolled posthumously as a Wagner fighter with subsequent social benefits for the relatives of the fallen warrior.

Young women with such liberal views and without any descent goals in their lives are the priority targets for recruitment by the Ukrainian special services, which in their turn are directly coordinate to the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. The assassination of Maxim Fomin (known as Vladlen Tatrsky) was an attempt to threaten Russian patriots, including journalists and public figures. The terrorists are targeting the powerful ‘symbols’ of Russian struggle and the truth of today’s war. This was also the case of Daria Dugina.

However, the terrorist attacks only strengthen Russian patriotism. They confirm the true goals of today’s fighting against the Nazi Kiev regime and its Western patrons and inspire the Russian society to fight until the victory.


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