September 23, 2022

The People’s Forum on Peace for Life (PFL), an international faith-based movement and forum for peace and justice, engaged in building interfaith solidarity and mobilizing the power of spirituality against the life-threatening forces of global hegemony, expresses its strong support and solidarity to the International Peoples Front (IPF) as it’s formation is launched today in Phuket, Thailand this 28th day of September 2022.

PFL welcomes the timeliness of IPF’s formation. As the whole creation groans because of the sufferings brought about by the combined economic, military, political and cultural domination by the US-led Empire, the necessity for the oppressed peoples of the world to challenge and mobilize against this Evil is not only correct but an imperative of our time. An international united front of the world’s peoples against imperialism which IPF represents, will be the turning point for humanity and the planet Earth to renew itself and experience fullness of life for all.

Down with imperialism!

People of the World, Unite!

Long live International Peoples Front!  

Rev. Alan Rey B. Sarte


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International People's Front

The International Peoples' Front, or IPF, is a united front organized at the international level to mobilize organizations and individuals from the local, national, and international levels to coordinate, cooperate, assist, and together fight imperialism and its agents in all forms.

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