U.S. Launched Informational Attack Before Kiev’s Offensive On The GroundSouth Front

April 10, 2023

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U.S. Launched Informational Attack Before Kiev’s Offensive On The Ground

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U.S. Launched Informational Attack Before Kiev’s Offensive On The Ground
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U.S. Launched Informational Attack Before Kiev’s Offensive On The Ground

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Weeks ago, Kiev proudly declared its large-scale counteroffensive and publicly announced dates and other accurate information about planned operations.

The upcoming attempts of the Ukrainian military to launch an offensive are indicated by numerous reconnaissance operations on the battlefields, as well as the accumulation of a large number of personnel and foreign military equipment in certain sections of the front.

A large-scale offensive is expected in late April or early May, when dry weather will allow heavy equipment to move across fields. NATO military weapons, including its main battle tanks, will arrive to the front lines together with Ukrainian units trained abroad.

Zelensky and company were so inspired by the upcoming offensive that they talked about it to all the world’s media, together with their American colleagues, deciding what to do with Crimea, which no Ukrainian soldier has yet reached.

Suddenly, on the eve of another statement by Blinken that the counteroffensive would begin “within a few weeks”, secret US documents were leaked.

On April 6, details of the upcoming Ukrainian operations, including information about the supply of Ukrainian forces with NATO weapons and units prepared for the offensive were allegedly revealed online.

However, the authenticity of these documents raised doubts in the minds of Russian military experts.
In official NATO documents, the Russian armament is indicated according to the NATO codification, but the leaked text also contains transliteration of names from Russian into English. The NASAMS SAM system is also misspelled several times.

There are 49 deployment points of NASAMS indicated on the maps, however Kiev uses only two of them. Eight more systems were included in USAI packages; although they have not yet been delivered to the customer.

Training on German Leopard 2 tanks was conducted by Ukrainian crews from the 4th separate tank brigades; but according to the documents, the German tanks went to the 33rd Brigade, which was disbanded in 2016 and was then used as a reserve.

Only 99 of the 109 M2 Bradleys sent to Ukraine are planned to be deployed in the offensive. All of them are allegedly enrolled in only one unit.

The location of Russian units on the map corresponds to the information published by pro-Ukrainian resources online. Information regarding Russian losses coincide with the data published by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. At the same time the losses of the Ukrainian side are significantly underestimated.

Despite the uproar in the MSM about the leaked documents, there is a high probability that they are nothing more than an information operation aimed at distracting and confusing the enemy.

After weeks of loud statements about the upcoming offensive, CNN, citing a source close to Zelensky, reported that Ukraine allegedly changed “some military plans”. Quod erat demonstrandum.

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