November 5, 2022

People Rising for Climate Justice

This November 12 is the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice. We join the oppressed peoples of the world in the call for climate justice!

The world’s most marginalized and dispossessed, both from the Global South and the Global North, are facing the brunt of the current climate emergency.

Workers, farmers, rural women, fisherfolk, Indigenous peoples, urban poor, women and other diverse groups, and youth are at the frontlines of the environmental and climate crises are notably absent in the ultra-elitist, big business lobby-controlled, and male-dominated spaces where the future of the planet is being deliberated.

With #COP27 shaping up to be another episode of greenwashing by global leaders, we join and enjoin the peoples of the world to strike on November 12 for climate justice and against climate imperialism!



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International People's Front

The International Peoples' Front, or IPF, is a united front organized at the international level to mobilize organizations and individuals from the local, national, and international levels to coordinate, cooperate, assist, and together fight imperialism and its agents in all forms.

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