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IBON Foundation is a non-stock non-profit development organization. We have been serving the Filipino people through research and education since 1978. IBON seeks to promote an understanding of socioeconomics that serves the interests and aspirations of the Filipino people. We study the most urgent social, economic and political issues confronting Philippine society and the world.

Falling wages, more expensive food (August 2023)

Prices have increased in August and are still going up. With no proper regulation, insufficient or no direct support for small producers and no corresponding improvement in consumers’ purchasing power, things may be worse in September. Source link
September 5, 2023

When will government learn? – IBON Foundation

My classmate once asked me how to spell ‘house’. We were in 12th grade. The country is in a learning crisis. A World Bank study recently revealed that 90% of Filipino students at age 10 are not able to read and understand age-appropriate
August 30, 2023

A Budget Badly Made – IBON Foundation

(First of three parts) Finance Sec. Benjamin Diokno made an incredible claim at the opening of the Senate budget hearings: “If you look at the composition of the budget it’s talagang pro-poor.” But the budget’s numbers tell a much different
August 25, 2023

A Budget Badly Made (Part 2) – IBON Foundation

(Second of three parts) Growth unfriendly Band-aids are not necessarily a bad thing. Social spending can be wielded to improve people’s conditions – which is important in itself even if not prioritized by the administration. But it can also be
August 25, 2023

A Budget Badly Made (Part 3) – IBON Foundation

(Last of three parts) Revenue unfriendly On the expenditure side, the proposed budget for 2024 doesn’t spend on pressing economic needs while increasing spending to boost corporate profits and narrow political self-interest. This is made worse by how, on the
August 25, 2023
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